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iPad application for IoT management. Users can create floorplans and add devices inside building to register devices to IoT management platform using drag-and-drop gestures.


iPhone application for IoT management. Provide checklists to maintenance devices and allow to address issues easily. Get push notifications from devices when something happen. Support many languages using localization.


The Dime

Video sharing app for selling your stuff.

Six Degrees

Location-based dating and social discovery application with match maker mode.


Music + Video sharing/editing app.


Coseal and Tachosil

iPad applications designed to provide the sales team with an interactive tool to present their products to customers. The application features product slides that highlight key product properties, allows to access case and surgical videos, and the ability to respond to customers via email, providing them with marketing materials and educational content. New content is automatically pushed when entered via a Wordpress based content management system.

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iPhone application that gives users the ability to sign up to receive offers from selected providers. Users will receive notifications about promotions from businesses that offer beauty and health services using Urban Airship, and allow them to book appointments when they become available. Users can also easily customize their preferences and select the offering categories they would like to receive.

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Plan Showcase

One of Hoverstate’s Health Insurance Mobile Suite gives brokers the ability to access and distribute the latest sales information. Users can filter and refine plan criteria based on the client’s needs and present them with options. Brokers have the ability to sort through plans available in different regions and different audiences, and hide and favourite plans based on their presentation needs.

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Member App

One of Hoverstate’s Health Insurance Mobile Suite application that gives users the possibility to connect to their health insurance account when they are on the go. Members get instant access to all their important plan information and view their ID cards, plan benefit information, and locate providers and emergency facilities in their area.

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Feiba One, Rixubis OnePatient

iPad application that can help user to know more about their disease and suggest them the treatments or products. Created using AngularJS and bundle to iPad application.

HypoTracker and HypoTracker Website

Health tools to help people who have Hypothyroidism. They can track datas to improve treatment then show data visualized, alert user to takes a medicine or find a specialist nearby. Also, create landing page for this application.

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Quilt Bliss

Social application than can show recipes for cooking. Load batch photos from Flickr API.

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Popular plans tool

iPad application that can suggest health insurance suite based on number of employee, age, etc. after taking a quiz.


Web application that track and manage your health insurance client. Created using AngularJS.

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Enterprise Appstore

Create solution for self-host iOS app store

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Physician Finder Tool NL

Find a Narcolepsy specialist nearby.

Email campaign projects

Create email campaign using html to support all email clients

KP Social

Create Facebook tabs application using php managed by modx


Create dynamic pdf file using html



Application for agent to inspect building safety, food quality or disability access. Can takes a photo and answer the questions / checklists offline then sync when has internet access.

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Application for takes videos and sell things.

RisingHigh Studio

Space Escape

2D game application designed for kids. Render smooth and excited animation using Cocos2D. Added a In-app purchase to buy a new items and integrated Game Centre to let customers challenge with their friends.

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Photo Locker

Photo keeper application using elegant UI/UX and animations using Core Data to collect photos. In addition, they can lock their albums using passcode or dot-pattern and can change this application theme by purchase it inside this application.

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Styled calculator application that user can see a calculation history and can change theme to match with their styles using In-app purchase.

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Keep Calm

Image maker application that user can edit texts, icons and background for fun like the “Keep Calm” poster.

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Wallpaper Studio

Wallpaper application for iPhone & iPad.

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Pocket tutorial application that user can watch a video on their iPhone to learn how to use them.


Showcase and newsletter application for padRelax using styled UI and animations to show their brand.

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Tamarind Technologies


Social-network application working with photos and messages via web-services. This application have an elegant design and high performance. Dealing data with Ruby-on-Rails webservice in JSON format in real-time. They collect a huge data of member’s photos and messages using Core Data. Moreover, They can explore nearby members and world-wide members using Core Location.

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Travel guide application using elegant UI/UX and animations. Use MapKit to explore places around the world by dealing data with PHP web-service in JSON format. In addition, they can share their favourite places via social-network.

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Aristo Solutions Technology Co., Ltd.


Discount shopping cost using location-based service. This is a Foursquare-like application (except social-networking functions) that people can check-in in place and get an offer from a nearby shops. Send and receive data using a SOAP format.

TGP Fair

Showcase application of TGP Fair working with 3D-modeling and audio streaming using Cocos3D and AudioToolbox framework.

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Gabon by DTAC

Data usage checker application while traveling abroad for DTAC customer using Core Telephony and Shall scripts for iOS.

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